April 26, 2016

Automatic Loader & Unloader System

Loader & Unloader System



Semiconductor Industry – Automatic Loader & Unloader System

This Automatic  Loader & Unloader System is designed  to running in auto platform, performing automatic Wafer Transfer from Load ports to Descum tool with 2D aligner on the Plating Automation Loader, follow by transferring and placement of wafer into the plating Jig base prior to placement onto the plating process hanger.

This system consists of :-

  • Load port Module
  • Descum Module
  • 2 D Bar Code & Orientation Module
  • Camera Vision Check Module
  • Flipping & Pop Up Module
  • ABB Robot P/P with RFID Module
  • MILARA P/P Module

Semicon Industry 01 Semicon Industry 02

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