Full Assembly Line (40 Meters)



Solar Industry – Full Assembly Line (40 Meters)

This system is designed to running in auto platform, performing automatic transfer for Solar Panels.

This system consists of  :-

  • Loader Module
  • Trimming Module
  • Diverter Module
  • Framing Module
  • Cleaning Module
  • Flipping Module
  • J-Box Assembly Module
  • Hi-Pot Testing Module
  • Robot Unload Module

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Process & Assembly Line



Semiconductor Industry – Process & Assembly Line

This Process & Assembly Line is designed to assemble junction box and heat sink onto laminate at designed position. This system is running in auto platform, performing automatic transfer of laminate for dispensing, heat sink assembly, junction box assembly, retrieval and storage process.

This system consists of :-

  • Laminate Dispensing Assembly
  • Heat Sink Press & Bonding Assembly
  • Junction Box Welding Assembly
  • Storage and Retrieval Assembly

Semicon Industry 03